My Life Has Changed Forever!

Who we are …

Experts in Anxiety, OCD, Depression, Stress and Emotional Wellness Management.  We are therapists, we are practitioners, we are family members, we are friends, we are humans engaged in a common struggle….

Why we are here

We are here so that you can feel Lifted in your efforts to help those you love, including yourself.

Lifted Life exists to support those that carry the day to day opportunity and challenge to love and support a friend or family member struggling with mental or emotional illness.  We know first hand the complexity that is involved in knowing what to do, who to turn to, how to support, help and then take care of your own physical and mental well being in the process.  It is hard.  We know because we have been there.  We want to help.  This site and the links to other resources we will share contain viable options for you and those you love and support.

Lifted Life exists to support you in your efforts to learn, live and then lift those in your care, including yourself.

Navigating the complexity of supporting a loved one can weigh heavy on the mind and heart.  Our desire is to provide helpful resources so that you can truly feel Lifted in your efforts to tackle the challenges at hand.