Lifted Professionals

Our professionals are designed to help lift you by connecting the body, mind, and social aspects of your life to conquer your anxiety 

Lifted Approved Clinical Therapists

Jeff Gregson, CMHC

Anxiety, Panic Attacks, OCD, and Depression
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Tiffany Trump, LCSW

Women’s Health- Stress Management, Self-Image, Healthy Relationships, Healthy Living
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Lifted Approved Certified Life Coaches

Todd Sylvester

Mentor and personal development coach for those looking to get more out of life, move beyond limiting beliefs, conquer anxiety, and overcome addictions
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Lifted Approved Exposure Mentors & Coaches

Kennedy Allenbach

Experienced exposure coach specializing in social anxiety and phobias 

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Dr. Judd Gines

Chiropractic, Sports Injury Rehab, Foundation Training, Cupping, Myofascial Release
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Sarah Daniels

Therapeutic Massage- Finding hard to reach places that create aches and pains and providing needed relief
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IV Nutrition & Therapy

Lauren Lightfield

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