Group Programs

Our programs are designed to help lift you by connecting the body, mind, and social aspects of your life to conquer your anxiety 

Types Of Programs

Group Classes

Group Classes are a great place to learn techniques, skills, and practices you can use in your daily life. We offer classes on a variety of different topics surrounding anxiety and OCD treatment. Some classes are geared towards the individuals on their personal healing journey, while other classes are created for their loving support systems. This is a great way to build social connections and supportive relationships. 
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Group Therapy

Group therapy settings allow you to feel connected and supported by others. Oftentimes it’s easy to feel alone and assume that no one else understands the healing process you are going through. Group therapy provides perspective and a safe space to open up. 
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Social Events

Lifted sponsors social events in the community. These events range from fitness classes to service projects. These are great opportunities to lift yourself and while lifting others.  
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