Kathleen Shiflett


Kathleen is an E-RYT and the owner of Relaxation Fitness. She feels most called to creating space! Her classes are designed to empower your practice and discernment, both on and off the mat. She uses movements, postures, and breath-work as she encourages safe experimentation with body, mind, and spirit. Kathleen is passionate about fostering an awareness of inner life and discovery of an experienced, spiritual world.

As a wife, mother, and business owner, she understands just how difficult (yet important) it is to carve out time each day for relaxation and restoration. Kathleen is a registered teacher with over 1,500 teaching hours, and gets that your practice and experience is truly unique to you. She aims to make her teachings personal, practical, and applicable to all levels/backgrounds. She is eager for others to understand that a yoga-based practice can in fact “fit your life” and does not require you to change your life to practice yoga. The key, she says, is learning to listen to your body, trusting yourself, and not waiting until life is perfect to take time to relax. 

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